Bair’s Burger Battle

Burger Battle

Grill for Fame and Fortune

Talk all the smack you want in your own back yard, but this Sunday, it’s time to throw down FOR REAL. Show up to the Bair’s Burger Battle with your best recipe for bodacious bovine bragging rights. It’s time to find out who can make the best burger in the land of Bair’s!

Winner to be Featured on Bair’s Menu

Upon entry to the competition you will receive 1lb of official Bair’s competition meat. Bring your best three ingredients, your grill and do your thing! Judges will be grading how unique, savory, tasty, and well-prepared your burger is.


1st Place – $200 Cash + Featured on Bair’s Menu for 2016
2nd Place –  $60 Cash + Featured on Bair’s Menu for 2016


  • Teams may use up to 3 toppings of their choosing per entry. (This does NOT include bacon and cheese) Example: A Bacon, cheese and mushroom burger is only 1 topping.

  • Teams are encouraged to bring any and all grilling tools to pull off their dish.

  • Each team will be asked to prepare two identical burgers for judging, with official competition meat provided by Bair’s.

  • Come prepared because set up time begins at 11am, cook-off starts at 1pm, and judging will take place at 3pm.

Are you prepared to demonstrate your GRILL MASTER DOMINATION?