Playoff Food Challenges

Playoff Food Challenges

Is your stomach a bottomless pit? Prove it! We are having four weekly playoff food challenges leading up to the Super Bowl! All the proceeds will go to Ozarks Food Harvest.

Week 1: Fried Pickle Challenge (Republic Location)

You’re getting the chance to prove your love for our famous fried pickles! You will have 20 minutes to consume 2lbs of Bair’s famous fried pickles. The first participant to finish the pickles will move on to the super bowl challenge!

Week 2: Bone-In Wings Challenge (Kimbrough Location)

Don’t be a chicken! You will have 30 minutes to devour 30 bone-in wings. First participant to finish off the wings will move on to the super bowl challenge!

Week 3: Mini Cheeseburgers Challenge (Nixa Location)

They may be little but they are mighty! You will be given 35 minutes to scarf 16 mini cheeseburgers. First participant to finish will move on to the super bowl challenge!

SUPER BOWL CHALLENGE: MacDaddy Challenge (Campbell Location)

The winners from the first three challenges will compete in this final challenge. The participants will have 1 hour to consume the MacDaddy burger and 1lb of fries. Winners will be determined based on the total weight consumed after 1 hour.


First Place: $150 Cash Prize
Second Place: $50 Cash Prize
Third Place: $30 Cash Prize
Participant Raffle: Every participant will be entered into our raffle. One person will win free catering for up to 15 people.