Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

A juicy, grilled and sliced chicken breast covered in ham, sliced pineapple, BBQ sauce, and our five cheese blend. Served on a house bun


Philly Cheese Steak

Sliced grilled beef sautéed with peppers, mushrooms, and onions then topped with our five cheese blend


Big French Dip

Sliced grilled beef smothered in our five cheese blend and served with a side of au jus


Big Pork Tenderloin

Fried to a golden brown and covered in two slices of Swiss cheese


Hot Ham & Cheese

Sliced ham grilled, covered in our five cheese blend, and piled on a hoagie


Fried, Egg, Ham, Bacon, & Cheese

Two fried eggs, topped with sliced grilled ham, two slices of crisp bacon, and smothered in two slices of American cheese


Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Freshly grilled chicken breast, lightly seasoned, and served on a toasted bun


Triple Decker Club

Sliced ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon, American, Swiss and cheddar cheese and mayo layered on Texas toast


Avocado Chicken & Swiss

A juicy, grilled chicken breast topped with avocado slices and melted Swiss cheese


Tony’s Chicken Bacon Ranch

A juicy, grilled sliced chicken breast topped with our homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, bacon and shredded jack/cheddar cheese on a hoagie


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Crispy chicken strips in your choice of sauce, smothered in our five cheese blend. Served on our house bun



Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Crispy buffalo chicken in a grilled flour tortilla with bleu cheese crumbles, lettuce, tomatoes, & jack/cheddar cheese.


Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, pineapple rings, sweet Teriyaki sauce, shredded lettuce, jack/cheddar cheese, & tomatoes in a warm flour tortilla.


Avocado Chicken & Swiss Wrap*

Grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, our 5-cheese blend, lettuce, tomatoes and fresh avacado in a flour tortilla.


Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Grilled sliced chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, & jack/cheddar cheese and homemade ranch dressing in a flour tortilla.


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