Fried Green Beans*

Spicy battered green beans served with lettuce


Ultimate Nachos*

with Chicken* or Ground Beef*

Chips topped with chicken or ground beef & covered with chili, queso cheese, jack/cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, sour cream, & salsa


Homemade Queso & Chips*

A blend of creamy cheeses & diced jalapenos

$8.99 add Chilli for $.99

Tortilla Chips & Salsa

Fresh chips served with salsa


Homemade Chips & Ranch

Bair’s chips with our homemade buttermilk ranch


Onion Rings

Batter dipped onion rings taste great with homemade ranch or Boom-Boom Sauce


Cheddar Munchers*

Fried tater rounds filled with gooey cheese


Jalapeño Bottle Caps

Thinly sliced, zesty jalapeños battered and fried to golden brown



A blend of jack/cheddar cheeses, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, & salsa served with your choice of:

Veggie with sautéed onion, peppers, & mushrooms


Grilled Chicken


Philly Quesadilla


Fried Mushrooms

Batter dipped whole mushrooms served with Bair’s homemade ranch


Mozz Sticks*

Oozy chunks of mozzarella battered & fried to golden perfection. Served with marinara sauce


Cheese Curds*

Battered Wisconsin white chedder cheese curds servered with a side of our house made ranch.


Onion Straws

Batter dipped onion straws taste great with homemade ranch


Fried Pickle Slices*

A 1-lb. of crinkle cut pickles battered & fried. Served with homemade ranch


Chicken Tenders & Fries

Big battered chicken strips with your choice of dipping sauce & house fries


Mini Corn Dogs*

Mini hotdogs battered & deep fried


Cheesy Maple Bacon Fries*

Fries seasoned with maple bacon & smothered in jack cheddar cheese & bacon pieces. Served with homemade ranch


Chili Frito Pie*

Our 8oz burger patty seasoned and chopped up, then covered in chili, cheese and Fritos


Sweet Corn Nuggets

No explanation needed here. These are to die for!


Fried Okra

Battered and golden fried okra served with a side of our house made ranch.


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